July 22, 2009

7th CTJ Seminar

I prepared the blog "Webtools and projects" in April 2009 as a follow-up reference for the 7th CTJ Seminar. Well, things didn't turn out as I expected and unfortunately I wasn't able to present at the seminar. Nevertheless, I'd like to share this list of webtools I had assembled. I'd like to wish everyone a wonderful learning time. The Casa Thomas Jefferson Seminar is one of the best for EFL teachers in Brazil. You can check the program below.


Unknown said...

Dear Aninha,

The room was full waiting for you! I told them you couldn't be there, and promised I'd send them your presentation. Now, I have it here!

I hope you feel better.

A tight hug,


Claudio Azevedo said...

Hi Ana,
I really missed you here. I hope you're fine. We'll certainly have other opportunities soon. See you.

Ana Maria Menezes said...

Thanks Carla and Claudio for the comments. Recovering is not an easy thing, with lots of ups and downs. Yes, I sure hope we have other opportunities to get together. So the room was full,great. Hope the link to the presentation can make up for the trouble I've caused.


Dessa said...

Hi Ana Maria,

I was one of the people in the room.
I was really looking foward to watching your session.
Thanks for uploading it in here.
I am sure you won't remember but you were the one who first trained me as a teacher back in Uberlandia.
I Work in Goiania now.

I hope you are better.
Congratulations on your wonderful job.
With love


Ana Maria Menezes said...


I'm trying to remember you but I need more details, where did I train you? And where have you been working? Great you liked the blog. I'm starting an online course to help teachers integrate these tools into their class on 24 Aug. If you're interested just send me an e-mail anamariacult@yahoo.com.br .
I'm slightly better, recovering. Thanks for the lovely comment.

Dessa said...

Hello Ana,

I took the training at the so called Centro Cultural Americano.
I really like Tina and Ana Roberta. They were always great.
I am working in CCBEU now.
It is also a great school.
I will send you an e-mail about the course.
Thank you!

Ana Maria Menezes said...

I remember you now. You were a teacher at Centro Cultural Americano, right? Always very elegant! :)

Dessa said...

Ana, please...you are being too kind.
I look at pictures of that time and want to kill myself.
Thank God our sense of fashion- not to say our sense or ridiculous changes a lot over 10 years.