July 23, 2009

Comiqs and Pinpix

Wanted to try out two webtools I found recently.

The first one is http://comiqs.com which helps you create comiqs using your own photos. This tool might be really good to create stories. The nice thing is that you can grab the embed code to publish it in blogs. PROBLEM: my pictures were too big for the comic, still haven't figured out how to shrink them in the site.

PINPIX lets you create effects on photos, create a video with pre-selected templates and create slideshows. DISADVANTAGE: There's no embed code for the videos so you can't publish the player online, it only provides you w/ the link. The site is in Portuguese.

This is a Fotopin with a frame and animations from a typical celebration in Brazil in June and July.


Alex Francisco said...

Hey Ana,

Thought you wouldn't mind if I suggested something. Why don't you try compressing your pics before uploading them on comiqs.com? I usually use microsoft office picture manager and it works just fine. As for the problem with the video on Pinpix, whenever I get that kind of trouble I simply use a screencasting tool to record what I want and use it on my blog anyway.
Hope you consider this useful. Thanks for the great work you do for us teachers out here.

Charles Nelson said...

There are various free image editors available that can shrink an image, some of which can be found at http://www.kean.edu/~cnelson/links/software.html#section10

Ana Maria Menezes said...

Thanks Alex and Charles for the wonderful ideas. I just thought I would be able to edit the size of the images in the comiqs site as I could in many other sites.

And about the screencasting idea for applications which don't have embed codes. I'll do that right now. Great idea.