July 31, 2016

Guest post: Mobile Learning at Braztesol Brasília

Today, we have a special post written by a dear colleague and a ConnectMe Education student, Priscila Renck. At the moment, Priscila is an English teacher at Colégio Marista in Curitiba, Brazil. She loves exploring edtech tools and has kindly shared some of what she learned during Braztesol 2016 - Brasília with us.

Mobile Learning at Braztesol 2016 by Priscila Renck

I'd like to share some of what I learned with Geoff Stead about Mobile Learning during the conference. He got a lot of experience working in Qualcomm and now he wants to bring the lessons learned there out to the wider ESOL world.

He talked about different apps:

  • Kahoot (a game-based learning platform), 
  • Plickers (poll your class for free), 
  • Quizlet (flashcards, games and learning tools) 
  • Padlet (to create and collaborate). 
  • Coursera and Future Learn give us the chance to study at different world universities
  • Pluralsight (online training)
  • Lynda.com (space to learn business, creative, and technology skills to achieve your personal and professional goals)
  • GetAbstract (business books)
  • Evernote (note-taking space)
  • OneNote (note-taking space)
  • Office Lens (mobile scanner)
  • Google Drive (cloud storage)
  • Goodreads (readers and book recommendations) you can save time using them. 
  • You can use Matterport to create 3D spaces
  • Google Card Board and Google Expeditions can bring a new view of the world inside your classroom 
  • Virtual Reality (VR) to build confidence or immersion therapy
  • Bluetooth Beacons (location-aware app) can connect you with places you like. 
He also recommended some interesting Cambridge web spaces to visit, such as Practice Test Bank, English Weekly, and Virtual Speaking Test etc.

I am a technology lover and I keep learning by myself, going to conventions and take courses to learn more.

Team Priscila Renck shares tips from Braztesol 2016

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