June 27, 2016

Quizzes on Google forms (without Flubaroo)

Now, it's possible to create gradable quizzes directly on Google forms without the help of the add-on Flubaroo. Thanks to Giselle Santos for the tip.

These are the steps you can follow to create your first gradable quiz:
1. Go to Google Drive, click the red button NEW, and look for Google Forms.
2. Before typing your questions, go to the settings icon (top right), look for TESTS and activate the CREATE TEST button. Save it.
3. There are two types of questions which can be graded: multiple choices and checkbox questions. Type your question, the answers and then below that click the blue text ANSWER KEY to indicate the correct answer(s). You can also leave a feedback about the correct/wrong answer.
4. To indicate the value of each question, on the same line as each question you will see some arrows to select the number of points you want to assign.

THAT'S IT! It's quite simple. Hope you find the tutorial (in Portuguese) helpful. I'm sorry if you don't understand Portuguese (my mother tongue), but I also wanted to help teachers who can't speak English.

Oh, I forgot! All your previous quizzes on google forms can be edited to be gradable too. All you have to do change the settings like I explained earlier.

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