May 9, 2014

Storytelling with Adobe Voice

I've just learned from the amazing blog about an interesting IOS app called ADOBE VOICE which allows us to create video stories.

I just love storytelling and I was thinking of what story I would tell to try this out. The other day I was talking with a group of students of mine, some teenagers, about this love and hate chemistry. I was saying that sometimes feelings change and I mentioned that I knew that from experience.

I caught their attention straight away. They all wanted to know about my love/hate story. I've been postponing this storytelling, but they don't seem to forget that, LOL. This week, we've been focussing on narrative tenses, trying to improve our storytelling by using different verb tense combinations. This is a video grammar class about the topic

Well, back to my ADOBE VOICE trial. I thought to myself, why not use the opportunity to tell my story and see if they can notice the verb combinations we worked with last class?

Last class, apart from doing grammar exercises with Simple Past, Past Continuous, Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continuous, I asked students to choose a story to tell: a funny story, an accident, a surprising story or meeting a famous person. They had 4 minutes to choose one of the topics and write notes which would help them tell their true story to a classmate. After pairs of students told their stories, I asked them to send me their stories via Edmodo.

Next class, I'm going to start with notes I've written down about "Our love ? story" 

Can you guess my story? After students try to predict the story, I'll play the following video which I've created using ADOBE VOICE.


A friend of mine, Lívia Fernandes and her very creative boyfriend, Matheus Pinheiro, created and Adobe video with their adaptation of the story "The secret of the king". I had to share it with you, it's really worth listening.

How can we use ADOBE VOICE?

This is a tutorial showing step by step how to create your own stories. The app is FREE and very intuitive.

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Anonymous said...

Great examples. Adobe Voice makes narrating anything so easy to do. I used to use ShowMe on the iPad to create multimedia soccer lessons for the kids on the teams I coach. Shared them with other coaches too.

Adobe Voice makes the process of story telling or adding value to anything via voice narration so easy to do and share.

I am recommending Adobe Voice as an educational technology tool. So many engaging applications possible, including exporting PowerPoint as JPEG images and then narrating them on the iPad via Adobe Voice to easily produce valuable mini-lectures, lessons and education multimedia that is easy to share and very mobile-friendly.

Greetings from Chicago.
--- Ed Garay