May 26, 2014

Sharing your digital production with Tackk

I love exploring tools which allow our students to share what they produce using English. This week, I noticed Tackk for the first time. This post has the objective to briefly explain how it works and also share some examples of tackk projects and assignments which I've come across.


Tackk allows you to publish photos, videos, audios, maps and forms. It's great for digital portfolios, assignments, promoting events, storytelling, book and film reports and so much more, all it's needed is your creativity. The site is free and it's DEVICE NEUTRAL, a term I learned from Lisa Johnson today. And what does that mean? It works on laptops, Ipads, and cell phones (IOS and androids), therefore it's perfect for BYOD. Students can create a tackk page without signing up, however, it is deleted after one week. If you wish to have your content saved, consider creating your free account.

To learn how it works, watch the tutorial below:

For references on how teachers have been using it, I suggest the reading of two blog posts and the TACKK education page:

As I believe we can learn a lot by checking examples, these are some I've collected:

Try scrolling the image above to see the rest of this tackk page.

  • This assignment was to answer the question "How would you increase the peace?"  Students added the tag #PeaceDay2013, this way all the pages created by them can be found on the same board.

Have you ever had your students use Tackk
If so, please use the comment area to share your project with us.

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