June 4, 2013

My most visited RESOURCES

In the last years, I've used LIVEBINDERS very frequently for collecting resources I share during workshops and talks. In the past, hand-outs were very practical and popular. Today however, as many of our resources are online, such as links and videos, having one simple link to share at the end of a session comes in handy.

In this post, I'll use the opportunity to show two different tools we can use for that purpose:

The PEARLTREE below is a collection of my most visited LIVEBINDERS. If you click on each of the "pearls" you'll be taken to a webpage full of tabs of resources selected by me.
Bank of resources : Livebinders in Ana Maria Menezes (anamariamenezes2)

 If you'd like to learn how to create your own LIVEBINDER, watch the tutorial below.

But if you'd rather try out  PEARLTREES, watch this other tutorial.


Which one do I like most? 

Well, I still can't answer that question. I like the visual layout of the "pearls" around a topic but I find them a bit too small. On the other hand, I like the linear aspect of the tabs in Livebinders and they way we can easily browse what's in each tab. How about you?

How can we use these curation tools with students?

  • - Students can use it as their digital portfolio, collecting articles, videos and material they have developed online during a course.
  • - Teachers can create a Livebinders page and have the whole class or small groups collaborate organizing content related to a topic.
  • - When organizing a webquest, you can have all resources organized in one binder for students to search.
  • - When working at the lab, the teacher can organize a binder or a pearl tree with all the websites she wants students to explore, keeping them more focussed.
  • - Use livebinders or pearltrees during presentations, it's much more practical than having lots of different tabs open on the computer.
  • - Use them during webinars to have participants explore specific tabs with examples you want them to look into.
  • - Use them in place of hand-outs.
  • - Finally, you can use them for student projects such as the ones described HERE.
  • 10 GREAT EXAMPLES of student project Livebinders.

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