May 20, 2013

Quotes and QR Codes: a speaking activity

This activity was inspired by some posters I discovered at Pinterest by the ever so creative Tony Vincent.  

He created some posters where he provides the beginning of the quotes by famous people and then omits the ending by using QR CODES. In his post, he says he normally sticks these posters on the walls during workshops for teachers.

Last week, I tried something different. I created my own posters with quotes by famous people about the topic LEARNING and turned them into a SPEAKING ACTIVITY. 

1. Show a slide / a poster and ask students in pairs or groups to guess what the ending of the quote could be.
2. Elicit suggestions with the whole class.
3. Ask students to use their own cell phones to scan the QR code and see the ending of the quote.
4. In pairs/groups, students discuss what they think the quote means.

I tried this activity with a group of teachers and it worked really well. I supposed it would be appropriate for advanced EFL students.

To create the QR codes on the posters, I used 

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