February 1, 2013

Written feedback via EDMODO

This is why I like Edmodo so much.
It's a free platform for educators which makes our lives so much easier.

 I'd like to share some video tutorials, a dear friend from Goiania (Brazil), Edmilson Chagas, has created to show other teachers how he's been using the site to give feedback to his students.

Thanks, Edmilson, for taking the time to create these tutorials and show us in detail how we can annotate using Edmodo. This is certainly a feature I'll be using A LOT this semester.


Unknown said...

Thanks for posting these Ana Maria. I mentioned them to some colleagues in a presentation I was giving about Edmodo and had intended to forward them from where I had saved them on my computer and then you made it easy as pie. You are the star!!

Ana Maria Menezes said...

Dear Chris, thanks for the comment. I was meaning to share it here in Life Feast since that webinar.

Ed said...

I'm just so glad I've been able to help!

Mary H said...

Thanks for sharing this, Ana! It is great to know about this feature of Edmodo.