February 12, 2013

Give VOICE to your cartoons

I've always loved using comics in the classroom, and now it's become even more fun with the possibility to add audio to my comics strips.


I learned about it from Kevin's Meandering Mind (blog). Unfortunately, adding the audio layer is not a feature available for the free PIXTON version. You have to sign up for PIXTON FOR SCHOOLS in order to be able to do that. Well, at least they offer a 30-day free trial so let's see if I can get my students to create comic strips during that period.

This was my first trial with the aim to welcome my students to our EDMODO group. After creating your comic strip you can publish it on a website, like I'm doing right now, or by clicking on the Edmodo icon, this way it's automatically attached to your message to an edmodo group of your choice.

To listen to the recordings, hover the mouse over the SPEECH BUBBLES and click on the PLAY button.

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