November 5, 2011

A New Journey starting

I've started an M. A. in Applied Linguistics this year and have been struggling to reemerge among all these books and articles I have to read. This is the reason for the few posts in 2011. :)

For my future theses, I've been trying to figure out how technology has influenced my life as a teacher.

  • What movements has it brought about? 
  • And the concept of presence, how do I make myself present digitally and how does the digital presence or "lack of physical presence" of others influence my learning path? 
  • As to teacher resistance to technology, how have my own resistance barriers been broken and beliefs transformed?

As suggested by my tutor Dilma Mello,

I've started reading about the concept of Presence

Teacher Resistance

New Literacies (Diana Brydon)

I'll be investigating my own path as a teacher and teacher educator using Narrative Inquiry which will allow me to relive my experience and this way build new meanings as I retell and listen to my lived stories.

Narrative Inquiry

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