November 30, 2011

GRAMMAR VIDEO LESSONS by Salman Khan's presentation at TED, I thought of how to help my students get ready for their final English tests and I humbly created some GRAMMAR VIDEO LESSONS.

Although our main focus is not grammar, something my EFL students  always complain about is UNDERSTANDING how to use grammar. Many of them only have a chance to listen to an explanation once in class and others who have missed that specific class feel totally lost. This is the reason behind these videos. I tried to make the explanations simple / short and give them examples.




The idea Khan presented of maybe flipping the things around in the classroom made me think.
What if we offered grammar explanations via video and used the time in class to learn how to use it in practice? Well, let's see if they find it helpful.

Oh, to create the slides, two programs were used: Powerpoint or ActivInspire. Then, I used to record my voice while explaining the topic.


Brad Patterson said...

Lucky students !

I used to make videos for my university students but it was more for discussion on culture and introduction of different accents from around my home country (usa).

Nice to see the way you used PP. Learned something today ! Thanks, Brad

PS heard some birds in the background ;-) Yours ?

Anonymous said...
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