August 28, 2011

Presentation in La Plata - Argentina

I´ve been in Argentina since the 24th August and have been enjoying myself so much I had no time to blog about it. On 25th, I took a bus close to the obelisk and traveled to La Plata to meet dear friend Nelba.

I´ve known Nelba Quintana since 2006 through the internet but had never had the chance to meet her f2f. Her invitation to present at the Language Institute of the University of La Plata came as a GREAT surprise. I was welcomed with beautiful flowers, warm smiles and friendly hugs. So glad, Argentinians like hugging like Brazilians do. Susana Canelo, another webhead, traveled quite a long distance to meet us there as well.

The three of us, Nelba, Susana and I  were thrilled. La Plata is a beautiful city about 60 kms from Buenos Aires. Loved the many wonderful buildings they have, all in an European style. As soon as I took out my camera to take shots of first buildings we visited, I discovered I had forgotten to charge my camera battery, can you believe that? Well, dear Susana, became the official photographer.

After a very pleasant lunch, we arrived at ESCUELA DE LINGUAS and I  got ready for my presentation ¨Developing the 4 Skills with Webtools¨.

The presentation, based on my second book , is about different webtools teachers can use to develop the 4 skills in language learning: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

This is the powerpoint material I promised to share.

Nelba and Susana, thank you so much for the great time in La Plata.

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