August 29, 2011

Presentation in Buenos Aires

This is my second time in Buenos Aires and the more I discover about the city, the more I like it.

I´ve come to Argentina accepting Andressa Cardoso´s invitation for a joint presentation at ABS International Conference. Andressa lives in Goiânia, in the state of Goiás, I, on the other hand, live in Uberlândia, about 350 kms from where she lives.

Then, ¨How did you two prepare your presentation?¨ Cláudio Azevedo asked. ¨With Technology, my friend.¨ For the last 3 months, Andressa and I have been having frequent meetings in skype deciding what to present and sharing what each of us had prepared so far. We also built a wiki as support material to offer to attendees. We only met face to face, a few hours before our jont presentation in Buenos Aires.

Our chosen topic was ¨Homework assignments using Web 2.0¨. Andressa started the presentation talking about some theoretical background related to homework assignment and then I presented ¨The 10 Tasks Challenge¨, a project developed with my students last semester.

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