July 29, 2011

KNOVIO: enrich your ppt with a webcam video

This is another great tool we can use to share presentations. You upload your powerpoint to KNOVIO , record your video presenting the slides and VOILÁ , your presentation is ready.

You can send it to people via e-mail, grab the link and also share it via facebook and twitter. I wish the site provided an embed code for publishing. :(

The audio quality was not good though.
This is a short presentation (18 mins) about 20 different ideas for using EDMODO with students.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! Great new educational tool. (P.S. The audio quality has to do with the quality of your microphone, not Knovio... it worked fine for me.)

Camila Sousa said...

Aninha, great ppt!! I love your slides!! What did you use to make them? Any web 2.0 tool??

Ana Maria Menezes said...

I checked my microphone in other sites and it was working well. Today, I gave knovio a second try and it worked beautifully. They are developing an embeddable player and I can't wait to see that ready. Fantastic site. So easy to use!