October 11, 2010

Practise SPEAKING with Sketchcast

I had alredy seen this tool via Russell Stannard @russell1955 but had never given it a go.

It's incredibly simple, you register freely, and click to create your recording. Choose the option of the audio, give it a title and start recording. You can listen to a preview before publishing. As soon as it's published you're offered an embed code for publishing. During the sketcast you can record yourself while you draw and type.

My trial was something simple to talk about my nuclear family

  • have students record sketchcasts and describe their families, their bedroom, their house, a town scene, their city.
  • students can also talk about any given topic you propose while they scribble.
  • for groups, you can create a channel where all students can add their sketches.

To learn more about SKETCAST, watch Russell Stannard's TUTORIAL


Altino Mageste said...

Hello there!!!! It was a good surprise to hear you talking about your family... a beautifffffffffffffffffful family!
Hummm, oh yeah!!! today is your BIG day, so... enjoy it!! Eat what you want,listen your fav music, dance a waltz... and keep going on... that's life... a feast life.
Love you and always remember you with the soft notes of "saudade". God bless you! Enjoy life!!! Altino Mageste

Ana Maria Menezes said...

Altino, thank you so much for stopping by and leaving this birthday message. I've always loved my birthday and the many hugs and messages I receive. Tenho saudades dos tempos de Tangará.

Um grande abraço pra você e sua família também.