March 10, 2010

Students interview native speaker (TOKBOX)

One more time TOKBOX has proved to be a great tool.

My upper-intermediate students had just learned vocabulary related to education and I told them I knew a girl their age who studies in the States and we could ask her some questions about education in the US.


  1. Pairs of students created a question they would like to ask Cara (the American girl). We had 6 questions.
  2. I used my tokbox account to record my students asking Cara their questions and sent her the video message via e-mail.
  3. Cara received the video message and replied using the same tool "Tokbox".
  4. I shared her video with my students via EDMODO ( a communication tool we use daily).
Watch the video where they ask the questions:

TokBox - Free video chat and video messaging

And this was Cara´s reply. The girl on the left is my daughter who is living in the US as an exchange student and Cara is her host sister.

TokBox - Free video chat and video messaging


Polyana said...

great ana !!!! i loved it !!!

Pablo (yo) said...

Great blog!
Si vous le souhaitez, de revenir et mine de visite:

Pablo de l'Argentine

Derek said...

Hi Ana,
My name is Derek and I'm a Educational Technology graduate student at San Diego State University. We are currently studying blog sites and I was very impressed by the tools that you have used with your students! They are very lucky to have a teacher that provides them opportunities to have a great learning experience!

Ana Maria Menezes said...

Thanks for the comment, Derek. I love searching for tools which can broaden my sts' learning experience.