March 27, 2010

Creating PROJECTS with windows movie maker

Last week, some colleagues of mine asked for  help. They wanted to learn how to use windows movie maker to create projects I´ve been sharing in our edmodo group.

After a quick workshop last Friday, one of them suggested I make a tutorial so that more teachers would learn how to use it. Well, windows movie maker can be found at most windows based computers, if you don´t have one it can be downloaded from the internet.

This is a simple tutorial I`ve made showing how to add images, audio, titles, etc.
Just below you´ll find some example videos I´ve created to use with my students.

Example videos:

- Types of films : for presentation and practice

- Video Quiz: films based on novels

- Dialogue: Eating out - students created dialogues, recorded their roleplay and teacher added the images.

- Daily routine: students mime actions. We used the video for practice.

- Past Grammar Tenses: students created sentences and drawing.

- Phrasal Verbs: students created pictures for sentences from an exercise and were recorded reading the sentences.

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