February 8, 2010

What's wrong? Can you help me?

If someone asks you for help, and you keep on giving them instructions but still that doesn't help, sometimes you wish you could see their screen in order to spot what's wrong , right?

Well, some weeks ago , I bookmarked a site I found in Orli's great  GO2WEB20  blog and was saving it for the right moment, which happened today. A friend of mine was trying to explain to me how to update a blog by clicKing on a button and I couldn't find the "so-called" button. I remembered I had the right tool to help me, "Showmewhat'swrong" .

I found the link, send it to my friend, Camila Sousa, she recorded her screen showing me how to do it and I was e-mailed 5 minutes later with her screencast. No subscription needed, no log ins, nothing. GREAT!!!! Solved my problem.

This is a DEMO of SHOWMEWHATSWRONG. Hope you can make use of it some day, like I did.



Brilliant tip, AnaM,

Thanks so much for sharing - I really need this tool and it came in the nick of time.


Ana Maria Menezes said...

It sure is helpful at crucial times.