February 18, 2010

Song Activity : Just do it (Changing your life)

If you use New English File Intermediate with your students, you might find this song activity useful.

In unit 2B, students read a text about people who changed their life style.

This is a song activity I´ve created to use w/ my intermediate students:

SONG ACTIVITY – Intermediate (EF – file 2B- “Changing your life” )

Just do it (Copacabana Club)

  1.  Ask students to discuss in pairs what we can change in our lives.
  2.  Debriefing: brainstorm w/ the group what we can change in our lives and write prompts on the board. 
  3.  Ask students to select and copy 8 words from the board.
  4.  Play the song and ask students to tick any similar word they hear in the song . (Play the part that starts w/ “You can change …”
  5.  Play the song again , stopping to check the right words.
  6.   Pairs discuss “What would you like to change in your life?”

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Janet Bianchini said...

I really like this idea! Thanks for sharing this great resource.