January 9, 2010

BOMBAYTV - creating subtitles for Bollywood films

I had already heard of BombayTv via Ozge Karaolglu and Russell Stannard but hadn´t had a chance to try it myself. This morning I selected a scene and wrote some subtitles to it. You can also use the text-to-speech feature or record your own voice to dub the scene.


<a href="http://www.grapheine.com">agence communication Paris Lyon Graphéine</a>

Great tool to use w/ students.

How can we use this site with students?

  • The teacher can create subtitled videos to contextualize the content of a lesson.
  • Show a scene to the whole class so that students in pairs can create a dialogue for it. The teacher monitors the activity helping out and correcting when necessary. Show the scene again so that pairs of students can dub the scene. The class decides which was the best dialogue created in class.
  • In the computer lab, ask students to create subtitles for a scene they select. As they finish, students send the link to the teacher via e-mail so that it is published in the class blog.
  • In the classroom, show a scene to students. Then, with the wholeclass, brainstorm a dialogue for the scene. Students copy the dialogue. Pairs of students rehearse the dialogue. The teacher selects a pair of students to record teh dialogue and adds it to the scene. Show the recorded dialogue to the class.
  • Ask students to record themselves dubbing a scene for homework. The text should have vocabulary learned recently. As they finish it, the video should be sent to the teacher via e-mail to be published in the class blog. These videos can be used in future classes for listening comprehension.


Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Ana Maria

I had to try this new tool out straightaway as it looks like a lot of fun! Thank you for inspiring me :)

Sputnik said...

Make that a double thanks!

Ana Maria Menezes said...

It is a great tool!!! So fun!