June 7, 2009

SHWUP - creating a photo album collaboratively

I´ve bookmarked Shwup recently and was waiting for a chance to try it out. There are many other sites which do the same but what is different about Shwup is that you can invite other people to contribute to the photo album with pictures they´ve taken and then you can create a photo album with all the photos taken, make a slideshow or movie, get a link and also post it at facebook , orkut or many other sites.

So. what´s SHWUP?

My Muvee

It´s a pity the quality of the photos have deteriorated in the little film. WHY?


the shwup team said...

Hello Ana Maria,

Thank you for your feedback. We're currently working on ways to upgrade the quality of our muvees as we speak! Thank you for your post, and we hope that you'll keep shwupping!

The shwup Team

the shwup team said...

Oh! Also... you should be able to find a larger version of your muvee in your album. It is 640x480 in size and will be rendered in higher quality. :)

Unknown said...

Oh, great! I really think the loss of quality is a pity! I´ll check the larger version of my muvee then.