June 27, 2009

Exploring Larry Ferlazzo´s suggested sites for intermediate sts

This is the original article written by Larry Ferlazzo.

I found the AUDIO SLIDESHOW GALLERY a wonderful site to practise listening. It´s a different way of listening with the help of images. The slideshows summarize key news events. Thinking of Brazilian EFL Learners I would advise this activity to high-intermediate + advanced learners.


Audio Slideshow Gallery | Reuters via kwout

Next trial was an online Karaoke SINGSNAP.COM. I had so much fun. So, bear with my voice. I decided to sing "The Scientist" by Coldplay.

First, you run the setup wizard which is very straightforward, then, you select the song you´d like to sing and finally just gather up your courage and let your voice out. It takes some time while the site sends your recording.

Making sts sing and record their voices isn´t easy but if you teach a song to a group, find one or two who are more keen on singing and have them hold the microphone in class while the whole class sings with them, this way, I think it could be done. Yes, it´s great pronunciation practice and much fun.

The next site is great for reading + listening practice. These are simplified news stories with listenings or video plus a recording with the pronunciation of new words, a memory game with new words + definitions, and more exercises. REALLY GOOD!

The everyday life project is FANTASTIC. It´s great for listening and reading practice. By solving everyday problems, interacting with the lesson, and making your choices, you end up learning a lot. There are good lessons for people teaching topics such as FOOD, MONEY, COMPUTERS and WORK.


Camila Sousa said...


Yeahhh... I did not know you have such a talent to sing.... woohhooo...Lovely voice... I love this song...



Ana Maria Menezes said...

You´re too kind. My voice is just bearable. :)

Online Karaoke said...

i tried a couple of online karaoke site on my friends PS3 we were not even close to been this good lol