September 1, 2008

New Features in Animoto

Using animoto is incredibly easy! You can make 30-seconds videos (longer ones are not free but the fee is cheap) using your images and music from their library or your own computer. Then you can get the embed code, download it to your computer or export it to youtube. Short and sweet! Check it out!

This one I made with animoto and exported it to my youtube account.


Anonymous said...


I like your blog but I'm wondering what teaching value such a short video like this one has to offer students. Have you actually tried this out in any of your classes, I wonder? What was the response?

Unknown said...

I´m glad you like the blog.

I know this animoto video is short but it´s also very easy to make. I normaly use these slideshows widgets for lead-in to show several images about the topic of next lesson so that students can guess what we´ll be learning about. YOu could also just use it to publish pictures taken in any school event. You can also publish images and ask students to create a little story inspired by the images ...
I´m sure there might be other ways to use animoto. Hope I have given some useful ideas.