September 10, 2008

For those who like music and meeting new people, is the site for you. I decided to write about it only now because I´ve been noticing how much pleasure it gives me to discover and rediscover songs through people´s suggestions. You can give people (DJs) props for songs you like and also add them to your favorites. The image above was taken from my channel. BLIP.FM is also connected to other social network sites such as twitter, pownce, friendfeed, so whenever you blip a song, your updates go directly to the sites you´ve selected in your settings.

Give a try!

How can we use this site with students?
  • Well, I guess if you discover your group is really interested in music, and most of them do, then you could have your students share their favorite songs with each other.
  • They can use the blip box to write about the song or the band using English.
  • Any other ideas?

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