July 14, 2018

Book: Teaching English Reflectively with Technology

To me, the beauty of digital technologies is the power to connect people and this way help them develop themselves.

In 2016/2017, I had the great pleasure to collaborate with a dear friend, Jennifer Verschoor, to write an article for a publication which invited teachers and researchers to reflect about tech integration.

TEACHING REFLECTIVELY WITH TECHNOLOGY is an IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG publication in collaboration with the TESOL CALL-IS.

Quoting the editors Phil Hubbard and Sophie Ioannou-Georgiou:

"We wanted to help bridge the gap between practitioners and researchers by leading the authors to defend their use of technology persuasively by acknowledging prior research and practice and by presenting challenges and limitations along with the positive aspects, backed up by more than just memories and intuitions."

This morning, I was thrilled to receive my hardcopy!


Jennifer and I described and analyzed a project which we developed together with our students from Argentina and Brazil.

There are articles about telecollaborative projects, Facebook Groups, Mobile Technology, Google Docs, Virtual Reality and much more.

PDF and Epub versions have been made available to contributors and members of the LT SIG in June 2017. Nowadays, I unfortunately don't know how the book can be ordered.

You can read the table of contents and the introductory chapter on the following link

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