December 3, 2013

MOVENOTE app: add more to your presentations

This afternoon, I learned about a website and app which allows us to upload a presentation either from our computer or from google drive and record our voice and image using our webcam.

My first trial was with my ipad. The ipad app is FREE, however, you can only use photos you have on your device or a photo you take with the ipad to include to your presentation. Other than that, the app is very simple to use and  the quality of the recording seems to be really good.

My second trial was with using the WEBSITE
I uploaded a presentation I had  on my computer and recorded myself as a test.
The slides are inspired by the article

How can we use the site and app with students?

- with the app, students can tell their own stories based on a picture.
- students can record a picture description.
- with the website, the teacher can record flipped videos by using slides or pdf files.
- students can record presentations of projects they develop.

The MOVENOTE app is available for FREE for both IOS devices and ANDROIDS.
One more app for the list BYOD apps for ELT

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Anonymous said...

Ana Maria! Thank you once again for this great blog! We would like to present to you the newest feature of movenote: being able to make presentations directly in your Gmail inbox!

I hope I've caught your interest!

Here I have a couple links for you:
and link to the addon:

We would really love if we could hear your thoughts about this! And also, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me through

All the best,