July 20, 2012

How to add annotations to youtube videos

Well, I hadn't posted about this because I wrongly presupposed EVERYONE knew how to do this. So here it goes, this afternoon, a dear friend of mine saw a youtbe video which I have edited for my presentation in Brasília next week.  I added some speech bubbles to a video in which my students say what they have learned from a project I developed last semester, AN IMAGE A WEEK. To make it easier to understand what my students say, I've included some speech bubbles from YOUTUBE.

Camila, kindly asked how to do it and this is the quick tutorial. I used  an app called sock puppet to record the dialogue, hosted it in youtube and then edited by adding the speech bubbles.


Dani Lyra said...

Thanks! Very useful !

Camila Sousa said...

Very cute!! Thank you for always sharing :-))