June 14, 2012

PROJECT: Drawings turned into quiz

I believe personalizing language is usually the best way to learn something. Having that in mind, last week, while teaching about Narrative Tenses, I decided to ask students to create their own sentences using different combinations of tenses.

My objective was to help students see the different possibilities of expressing past actions. Then, I asked each pair to draw an image which would represent the actions described in their sentence. It was nice to observe how students could only draw after they had understood the sequence of events they had tried to express with their sentences.

As a follow-up, students passed their pictures around the class and different pairs tried to guess the original sentence by looking at the drawing.

In the following class, for warm-up, I used a quiz created with PHOTOPEACH where I used their own drawings and sentences.

Quiz: Narrative Tenses on PhotoPeach

Would you like to learn how to create quizzes with PHOTOPEACH ?

1. You create a slideshow.
2. Then click EDIT, edit captions +photos.
3. Click QUIZ, type questions and alternatives.
4. Click OK and your photo quiz w/ background music is ready.

You can see a more detailed tutorial w/ pictures  at Sue Waters blog.


Bruno Andrade said...

That's very cool, Ana!!!
Thansk for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Great activity Aninha :-)) Thanks!! bjinhos Camila Sousa