January 30, 2012

Fun moments with Shelly Terrell

Meeting Shelly Terrell last week was one of those moments I cherish which can come true thanks to the internet.

I've been following Shelly's tweets and blog posts for some years now. We had exchanged messages, retweeted each other, left comments after blog posts , discovered common interests but had never had the chance to meet f2f. Well, Shelly is everywhere really, twitter, facebook, webinars, blog posts; if you are into edtech, you probably know who I'm talking about. This is why I told her "You don't need to be introduced, Shelly". lol

The chance to meet her was possible thanks to another dear member of my PLN, Márcia Lima, one of the owners of B. A. English School in Goiânia, who invited Shelly to come for lectures in Brazil. Shelly spent the last week offering different workshops to Márcia's staff and two outside teachers had the pleasure to join them: Raquel Oliveira and I. :)

I only managed to get to Goiânia on Thursday afternoon; Shelly was talking about "Using Youtube videos in class". I have to admit my first impression was of surprise: She's as short as I am! hahahahahaha .
Short women, great minds. :)

In the three days we spent together, I can't thank enough for the so many things I learned. She learned a couple of things too, some words in Portuguese, acerola, baianada, and how not to have açaí with your boyfriend (your teeth become purple LOL).

Meeting Shelly on PhotoPeach

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Unknown said...

Loved the captions! Trust me, it was my pleasure meeting you! I really enjoyed getting to pick your brain about ICT and professional development and great food. Acerlo is now my favorite drink in Brazil.