September 8, 2011

KNOVIO tutorial - add video + voice to your ppt presentation

Some weeks ago, I posted about KNOVIO, a tool which allows you to add a video narration to your ppt presentation. It's the simplest tool I've tried to make a slidecast. All you have to do is upload your ppt and start recording your video/narration.

It's a fantastic way to practice for presentations to come.
You can record yourself presenting and then watch it so that you can improve it.

It's also a great tool to record grammar and vocabulary explanations to students.
Another idea is to use the site for storytelling purposes. Students can narrate their stories.

This is how it looks:

This is how you can make your own:

The only thing missing is an embeddable player. (NOT ANYMORE, they provide an embed code)
However, I've been told they're working on one which will be launched  soon.
Anxious to use it more often. FANTASTIC TOOL.

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