June 21, 2011

How to turn your ppt into a webinar

Suppose you have created a ppt to use during a presentation. After presenting it, you would like to share it in your blog. Then, what you can do is record yourself presenting using a tool such as AUDACITY , upload your ppt at SLIDESHARE and then synchronize the sound with the slides.

It's a great exercise for anyone who would like to rehearse before a presentation.

This is a SLIDECAST I created after presenting at the Braz-tesol conference in 2008. After sharing it at twitter this last week Luiz Reikdal asked me how to do it.

This is a TUTORIAL showing how to do it. First, upload your ppt to slideshare, then go to MY UPLOADS, click EDIT below the presentation you would like to add an audio to, click CREATE SLIDECAST , add an mp3 audio previously recorded and synch it with your presentation.


ux design said...

Superb idea of sharing ppt on blog..Useful indeed..


Ana, tks for sharing such a powerful tool to empower teaching.
That was really useful. Luiz Reikdal, Teens Coordinator and English teacher - Brazil.

visa lawyer said...

Innovative idea of sharing Powerpoint presentation on blog.