November 13, 2010

PURPLEMASH - a creative space for your students

This last week, I learned about , a perfect example of meaningful technology integration. Very beautiful work being developed, I wish I could be a student in this class. :)

This same teacher, Alex, used PURPLEMASH to have students create drawings and a newpaper based on the content they were studying.

Watch this video to learn more about PURPLEMASH

I haven't explored it yet and will be posting about my trials this coming week.

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Alex Wilson said...

Hi Ana, many thanks for your kind words about our class blog. We're very proud of it and the class have been working very hard on their work for it. It's great for them to hear positive feedback - I'll read them your comments tomorrow.


p.s purplemash is great - and 2simple are a very supportive company to deal with.