April 23, 2010

Launching my e-book

Someone once told me we have to celebrate every important moment in our lives and my e-book launch is one of these times which I wanted to mark.

I wrote the WEBTOOLS book (in Portuguese) during a very difficult time in my life and the process of writing the book gave me great satisfaction. By writing the e-book I was  giving back the knowledge I´ve learned with so many e-friends.

The moment was touching, with lots of smiles , hugs and some tears.
But it was also a moment to meet people I care for.

A dear friend of mine introduced me by writing a fabulous e-book (with BOOKR) which made us cry, I had the great pleasure of finally meeting an ex-student of mine (online course) I had never met f2f (Ana Maria Sousa), received lots of flowers (thanks Andressa for the lovely flowers) and best of all felt loved.Camilinha, thanks for your phone call.

Just sharing the pictures with you.


Dessa said...

Such a great day!
Congratulations, my friend.

Camila Sousa said...

That's a pitty that I am so far away :-( next time we will have to stream it :-))


Leahn said...

Well done!

Congratulations on your e-book.


Janet Bianchini said...

Congratulations Ana! The pictures are fabulous. I have linked to your blog as one worthy of following http://tinyurl.com/25ef5rs :)