November 23, 2009

Readthewords - audio files

Discovered this site via Tony Watt. converts any text, blog, document or RSS into an audio file you can download to your i-pod to listen to. You can select the reading speed and the voice/avatar which is going to read it (male or female).

Check how it works:

How can we use this with sts?
  • Students could convert texts to audio files to help them study.
  • Students can use it to see the pronunciation of a given set of words.
  • This would be an indefinite source of listening material which could be personalised.
  • The teacher could use it to convert a text into an audio file and use it in class for dictation. 
  • Or send the audio file to sts at home, have them listen, write down and hand in the dictation.

This is a text about a Brazilian composer called Heitor Villa Lobos which I converted into an audio file.

After creating the audio file you can download it to your computer, grab the embed code to post it in a blog , get the mp3 file link or even send it to someone by e-mail.

1 comment:

tonywatt said...

Thanks, Ana for the mention! I found the site from someone I follow on twitter so they deserve the credit.

I was thinking too about how to use the site but the voice sounds very robotic. I like your idea of using it out of the classroom. maybe students could create dictations for each other too.