December 19, 2008

Edmodo tutorial

I was meaning to make a tutorial in order to help colleagues to see how edmodo works and I tried utipu but unfortunately I couldn´t manage to see the video I had recorded. The feature from utipu which interested me is the possibility to easily send the video to youtube. ADVANTAGE: can send tutorial to youtube. DISADVANTAGE: have to download program to your computer and :( couldn´t see the video I recorded.

Then, I decided to try screencast-o-matic to make the tutorial.


Anonymous said...

Ana Maria,

I am sorry you did not get a satisfactory experience from using uTIPu. If you can send us an email about how you were using uTIPu(, we may be able to figure out what went wrong. We strive to create the easiest-to-use screencast services.

Thank you for your feedback.


Unknown said...

Thanks for dropping by. I´ll be sending you an e-mail and let´s see what went wrong when using utipu.