May 23, 2008

JOOCE : An online desktop

When I first heard of Jooce, I asked myself "Do I really need another internet toy?". And then as I tried out Jooce I suddenly saw how brilliant the idea of an online desktop is.

Whenever you use your computer at home where do you record your files? To your computer desktop. Where do you record your songs? Your photos? Then, when you go to work, there you go with your pendrive to take your files. Well, with Jooce it´s not necessary to carry stuff anymore, YOu have all your stuff online at your hands (provided you have internet access).

  • you have a private desktop and a public one which you can share with other Jooce users.
  • your msn and yahoo contacts are all concentrated in one desktop. YOu can talk to people from jooce.
  • It´s very easy to upload all kinds of files to your jooce desktop: word, ppt, mp3...
  • You can download videos from your computer or from Youtube with a single click and very QUICKLY.
This is how my public desktop looks. Wanna have a look at my files? Then join JOOCE and let´s share our files.

Watch this video about JOOCE


Anonymous said...

Hiya Anna Maria,

I head about jooce a little while ago. It seems pretty cool. Glad that someone in our circle is testing it out!

What's the speed like of trasnfers (upload and download) and is there a size limit for your desktop?

Please do keep us posted!

Seth :-)

Ana Maria Menezes said...

Hi Seth,
I don´t know about size limit, will look into that but when it comes to transfer speed, it´s not super fast but it´s ok. But to upload youtube movies it´s superfast. No complain about speed.

Nina Lyulkun said...

Hi Ana and Seth,

No size limit at Jooce.

The best in exploring,

Ana Maria Menezes said...

Thanks Nina for the information about size limit. I tried to look for it but couldn´t find it. Great news!


ALICIA REY said...

Great post about Jooce- I love the tool - and have also seen your files on your online desktop- great stuff, especially the ppt files

Ana Maria Menezes said...

Great Alicia,

So you have a joocetop too. How can I find you, what´s your username? Love to share files with you.