April 18, 2008

Quizlet and Kwout

I´m going to use this post to talk about two sites I´ve come accross recently.

One is QUIZLET (a memorization tool)

As you can see below, it was created by this brilliant 15-year-old who intended to memorize a huge list of French words. This is how it works: after signing in for free, you create a list of words + translations or words + definitions (my favourite) and then the site automatically generates 5 activities which will help you memorize the intended vocabulary. Now tell me, is it brilliant or not? Click on the video tour (below) for a demonstration.

The other site I´d like to share is KWOUT

As they say, it´s a brilliant way to quote. When writing about an specific site, instead of hitting the printscreen button for a screenshot picture, you can use kwout which grabs the part of the image you want to show and also keeps all the hyperlinks. Very practical tool for bloggers. so this is how I got both images for this post.

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