February 18, 2010

Song Activity : Just do it (Changing your life)

If you use New English File Intermediate with your students, you might find this song activity useful.

In unit 2B, students read a text about people who changed their life style.

This is a song activity I´ve created to use w/ my intermediate students:

SONG ACTIVITY – Intermediate (EF – file 2B- “Changing your life” )

Just do it (Copacabana Club)

  1.  Ask students to discuss in pairs what we can change in our lives.
  2.  Debriefing: brainstorm w/ the group what we can change in our lives and write prompts on the board. 
  3.  Ask students to select and copy 8 words from the board.
  4.  Play the song and ask students to tick any similar word they hear in the song . (Play the part that starts w/ “You can change …”
  5.  Play the song again , stopping to check the right words.
  6.   Pairs discuss “What would you like to change in your life?”

February 12, 2010

Creating games with WHAT2LEARN

Let me share another great site I've just learned about via Andressa Cardoso in her blog "Words and Ideas"

With WHAT2LEARN you can create customizable games for your courses. You can create anagrams, hangmans, word searches, multiple choices and question and answers and questions.

Check some examples I created with simple clicks:

- a hangman with vocabulary from English File Intermediate Unit 1A


    Play this game on the what2learn site

    - a wordsearch for my Upper Intermediate students.

    Play this game on the what2learn site

    You can also add these games to your powerpoint presentations. Watch Andressa's tutorial to learn how to do it. Thanks for sharing, Andressa.

    February 9, 2010

    Web2.0 posters by Langwitches

    While reading my twitter, I noticed a Retweet by Shelly Terrell and discovered wonderful posters created by Sílvia Tolisano writer of the amazing "Langwitches" Blog.

    Sílvia created these posters in order to show in A VISUAL WAY what SKILLS  we´re really teaching when integrating new technology in our classes.

    Quoting her (Sílvia Tolisano)

    These are some of her POWERFUL POSTERS:

     When podcasting our students LEARN:

    When Blogging our students LEARN:

    Read two of her very interesting posts:

    February 8, 2010

    What's wrong? Can you help me?

    If someone asks you for help, and you keep on giving them instructions but still that doesn't help, sometimes you wish you could see their screen in order to spot what's wrong , right?

    Well, some weeks ago , I bookmarked a site I found in Orli's great  GO2WEB20  blog and was saving it for the right moment, which happened today. A friend of mine was trying to explain to me how to update a blog by clicKing on a button and I couldn't find the "so-called" button. I remembered I had the right tool to help me, "Showmewhat'swrong" .

    I found the link, send it to my friend, Camila Sousa, she recorded her screen showing me how to do it and I was e-mailed 5 minutes later with her screencast. No subscription needed, no log ins, nothing. GREAT!!!! Solved my problem.

    This is a DEMO of SHOWMEWHATSWRONG. Hope you can make use of it some day, like I did.

    February 7, 2010

    Wiziq session - EDMODO in Depth

    Yesterday, February 06, I gave one more online workshop to a group of teachers I've been training at the Cultura EDtech online course. I talked about Edmodo features and how some teachers have been using it with students.

    You can view the RECORDED session by clicking on the links below:

    Part 1 - http://www.wiziq.com/online-class/252851-edmodo-in-depth
    Part 2 - http://www.wiziq.com/online-class/254296-edmodo

    The session is part of the Cultura Edtech  Course, an online course for EFL / ESL teachers who wish to begin exploring blogs and  webtools with some help. It's a 3-month course where teachers carry out weekly tasks in order to learn about technology integration with classroom activities.

    If you're interested, the next group starts in March 2010. Send me an e-mail to anamariacult@yahoo.com.br and I'll send you more information.