April 25, 2009

UTIPU - screencasting

This was my second attempt to use UTIPU and fortunately a successful one. It wasn´t very easy though. After I downloaded the Tipcam from http://utipu.com I tried to record my screencast. Then, I clicked on the upload button, which I thought would save my video either to the utipu site or to youtube, but I got a message saying I was unable to do it. I clicked on the button play file and the video browsing window kept loading but nothing happened. So I thought my screencast hadn´t been recorded.

After watching a tutorial in utipu I saw that I could upload my video to the utipu site from my browser. So, I went to http://utipu.com , clicked on the UPLOAD button, selected the video file and MAGIC, my screencast was there. The feature I was really interested in was the possibility of making a screencast with good quality and being able to place it in my youtube account. So what I did was: I went to my youtube account, clicked on the UPLOAD button, selected the video file saved in my computer and voilá, after some hours, my screencast coulb be seen in YOUTUBE.

Suggestion: If you´re a beginner at screencasting, I guess the easiest site to use would be http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/
But once you have the time, it´s worth giving UTIPU a try. At least for me, things didn´t work out so smoothly.

This is the tutorial I made using UTIPU to show my students how to make an online book.

April 23, 2009

Technology WOW

I found these videos via Ronaldo Junior´s tweet and felt the need to publish them in my blog. I guess any teacher interested in using technology to enhance learning has an eye on new technolgy about to come to the public. Well, the SIXTH SENSE had me baffled. It´s just like seeing Tom Cruise move his hand and interact with content in "The Minority Report".

This second video shows tiles which put together can read each other content. Can you imagine that in a classroom?

April 19, 2009

Favourite celebration

As a preparation for a talk I´ll be giving in July introducing several web tools EFL teachers can use to develop projects with students, I´ve just started a thread in http://utterli.com about Favourite Celebrations around the world. I´d love to hear from as many different countries as possible so that I can demonstrate it to teachers.

To take part in the thread (and have my appreciation forever hahahaha) just create your free account, click on the link below, and create your reply message (using message, audio, picture or video)

Have you ever used UTTERLI?

With Utterli you can create a discussion which people can reply to using text, video, pictures or/and audio. It´s very simple to use and it´s really interesting to hear and see what people have to say. You can get a widget for the sidebar of your website so that you and your readers can follow what people have been saying there.

As you can also record it from your cell phone, it´s very practical and offers great opportunity for authentic language practice.

How to use it with students?

  • create threads where students can write about topics you start like: describe your best friend (add picture), talk about your favourite food/dish (+ picture), describe your family (+picture), share your favourite song and so on.
  • discuss topics using text, audio or video.

Games for children

Found this site via Larry Ferlazzo´s tweet. YOu can use these games with children and pre-teenagers learning EFL.

The I Spy game for 6 to 9 is really good to use with the e-board. Still need to explore the other games.


Learning new vocabulary - Brainyflix

Brainyflix is a great site where you can enrich your vocabulary knowledge.

Go to the WORDS link/tab and choose a word or a letter of the alphabet. YOu can see videos explaining the meaning of words or pictures w/ phrases using the word (brainypics)

YOu can also create your own vocabulary video or brainypics. Don´t forget to read about the contest taking place right now.

April 17, 2009

Fun time : The VocaPeople

Enjoy their sound. No instruments used, just pure vocal chords, WONDERFUL vocal chords by the way!

April 10, 2009

Vocabulary videos

Just found this wonderful site via Susana Canelo´s tweet. You can watch videos which explain the meaning of words.

  • If you go to the STUDY ROOM, you´ll see the words in alphabetical order.
  • You can also upload vocabulary videos you have created.
  • You can even grab a widget for your class blog.

Blabberize - Happy Easter

This is another great tool to use with students. With Blabberize, you can choose an image to add audio to.
  • choose an image from your computer
  • select the space for the mouth to move
  • record an audio message or upload a pre-recorded audio
  • click on the envelope icon to preview, and then save it
  • for the embed code click on the SHARE button

How can you use this with students?
  • Students can use blabberize to read texts they have created. Ex: They can say what a character did last weekend, or express an opinion, or talk about future plans.
  • You can use this activity to practise any language you´re working on.
  • You can give sts the chance to write first, practise reading their text, record their voices and finally listen to each other.
  • It´s important to say that it´s always nice and safer to speak behind a mask, if you know what I mean.
  • I´ve also seen sts draw characters, scan the images, and use it in Blabberize to narrate their biography (an arts project I´ve seen in the net, Fantastic, by the way)